Getting starting with Hemp/CBD can feel overwhelming. A particular challenge is finding an optimal dose / strength. Fortunately, there is a reliable approach for overcoming this hurdle and getting started with Hemp/CBD. Below we break this down into 3 simple steps:

1) Get a quality Hemp/CBD product

First and foremost, you must start with a quality Hemp product. For most people, we recommend high-quality capsules or tinctures. For more on how to assess quality, read this post on what to look for.

2) Slowly increase dose over a week

There is no magic formula for determining how much Hemp/CBD to take. Therefore, practitioners recommend "titrating", which is often described as "start low, go slow". 

Over the course of one week, you should slowly increase the strength of Hemp/CBD in order to discovery your optimal dosage. Start with a low strength of Hemp/CBD on day 1 - we recommend 10mg as a starting point. Each day, increase the strength up to 50mg on Day 7. If you do not see a response by Day 7, you can continue to increase the strength. 

See the below image for a typical week program. 

3) Track your response

In order to find your optimal strength, you'll want to pay attention to how you feel. We recommend journaling each day to ensure you understand the impact of Hemp/CBD. A simple 1-5 rating we'll do the trick. See below for an example tracker.


While getting started with Hemp/CBD can be difficult, there is guidance that you can follow. With a quality product in hand, following a week long program of increasing strength and tracking results will help you find an optimal strength.