Hemp CBD Relief Balm Hemp CBD Relief Balm Hemp CBD Relief Balm Hemp CBD Relief Balm

Hemp CBD Relief Balm

Take care of your aches, tension, and stiffness with our doctor-formulated targeted relief balm. This 100% natural balm is formulated with minimal ingredients and designed for deep penetration. Use on hard-to-reach areas via our hands-free, no mess, applicator.

SIZE: 600MG/30ML

Ease aches
Relieves Tension
Reduces Stiffness

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What's inside

Hemp CBD

Known for its relieving properties, we use a proprietary, 100% natural extraction process to create the best Hemp CBD available.


Used for thousands of years to provide targeted relief, arnica helps to promote blood flow, reducing inflammation and relieving pain.


Beeswax’s naturally high melting point carry the plant compounds deep into the muscle for relief straight at the source

Other ingredients: Organic coconut oil, shea butter, Mint Oil, Tea Tree oil, Lavender oil

Certificate of Analysis

Product features

100% natural

We only use 100% natural ingredients that you can pronounce and are safe to use on your body.

Minimal ingredients

Like all of our products, we only include ingredients that serve a clear function

Hands-free applicator

No mess with applying this balm.


Our higher density formula is 3X stronger than the industry average.

Formulated to go deep

Unlike others, we worked with scientist to develop a formulation that permeates beyond the skin.

Made in Colorado

All of our products are made in Colorado. We leverage a single-origin farm growing best-in-class hemp.

How to Use

Massage into skin around the desired area for maximum effect. Reapply as needed.

Apply anywhere needed - neck, back, shoulder, knees, jaw, hands.

Hemp CBD Relief Balm