Key Takeaways

  • We created these capsules with intention and care, resulting in a minimal ingredient capsule that highlights hemp's natural properties
  • We use a non-chemical extraction method to naturally extract the valuable phytonutrients from the Hemp plant into coconut oil
  • Our capsules include only 3 ingredients, no fillers, emulsifiers, or additives 


We live in a world where supplements are not regulated as tightly as they should be, and too much responsibility is put on the consumer to decipher between what’s good and what’s harmful. That’s why at Bace we believe it’s imperative to provide products that are pure, potent, and transparent.

From start to finish, we spent two years coordinating with industry experts to recognize the high standards we hold for our capsules. 

Sure, we’ve heard a lot of “that’s not possible,” “we only do it this way…,” or “well, aren’t you ambitious?” But we’ve pushed forward knowing that, with the right people, we can develop an ideal, wholesome product. 

What we said yes to: 

Clean extraction

We developed our capsules through a hemp extraction process that only uses water and pressure (NO chemicals such as Ethanol or CO2). 

Organic cold-pressed coconut oil

Our capsules contain coconut oil derived from coconuts, never palm oil, and is tested for residual hexane.

Vegan, vegetable cellulose shell 

We developed our capsule shells from vegetable cellulose, which helps the capsule bypass your stomach acid, reach the small intestine, and absorb into your bloodstream.

Whole hemp extract

Instead of singling out one compound in hemp, our capsules contain the entirety of the plant’s benefits. Our hemp is grown on a farm outside of Boulder, Colorado utilizing regenerative and organic practices. 

What we said no to: 

Artificial emulsifiers 

Many CBD capsules and soft gels contain synthetic compounds like polysorbate 80 emulsifiers, which are used to make products look more uniform and appealing, but have been linked to promoting inflammatory bowel disease and Crohn's. 

Artificial colorings

Many health supplements use artificial coloring to differentiate different capsules. We don't add any dyes into our capsules, so you'll see hemp's natural color shine through. 

Capsule fillers

Capsule fillers like baking soda, flour, or glutamine are used frequently in powder capsules. No, thank you. 

Artificial terpenes

To make products marketable for specific benefits, companies frequently turn to terpenes. Terpenes are found naturally in hemp, but since they’re costly to extract, companies often strip terpenes from non-hemp plants before adding them at artificially high and irresponsible levels. 

We believe in only using hemp terpenes at natural levels found in the plant. Our capsules contain 5+ natural terpenes to contribute toward the entourage effect. Never added, never stripped, and straight from the source. 

Other miscellaneous herbs

Hemp plants are already complex, with over 140 cannabinoids and hundreds of natural terpenes and flavonoids. So why ruin a good thing?

It’s important to note that many herbs have pharmacologically active ingredients. Adding multiple herbs together, all with their own pharmacologically active ingredients, can create cascade effects that, taken without careful guidance of a doctor, could have unintended consequences. People who are already taking prescription medication need to be that much more careful with what they are adding into their bodies so they can isolate what’s working and what’s not.

A promise for the future

We promise to deliver pure hemp extract and avoid excess ingredients. No additives, just pure extract that you can count on.