Happy Fall everyone! We hope that you've enjoyed the last glimmers of summer and are basking in the small dip in temperatures across the country. I know for me, fall brings a time of re-alignment, and this one feels particularly special. Why? Because our long awaited balm is finally here. 

We've been speaking to many of our current customers, and observing how we were using CBD in our every day lives. We loved the idea of having something that would work faster than a capsule, that could be applied topically and could be used as needed on-the-go. But as you can imagine, we had a lot of questions, especially considering how many topical balms exist already.

Like our capsules, we knew we'd have to dig deeper into the supply chain, ingredients, and processes to bring something to market that was different, and better than what currently exists. 

When looking at the array of options available, most balms fell into a few categories. 

  1. Includes ingredients that numb rather than relieve (like lidocaine)
  2. Affordable, but have minimal amounts of CBD
  3. Are hard to use, and require getting ample amount of product on your hands.

After many months of trialing different formats, getting feedback, and perfecting the formula, we're so happy to announce that the balm is finally here! We'll be sharing more information about how we made it, the specific ingredients, and benefits soon!

If you're so excited you can hardly contain yourself, head over to the relief balm and try it for yourself!