Meet the Discovery Pack (4 min read)


  • The Discovery Pack is a 7-day hemp regimen featuring four capsule strengths between 10-50 mg. 
  • Bace developed the Discovery Pack with the help of consumer feedback, medical researchers, and hemp industry experts.
  • The Discovery Pack provides a safe and informed way to incorporate hemp into your daily routine.


Finally, the simplest way to discover hemp 

Learning how to integrate hemp into your daily routine doesn't have to be a mystery. Through our Discovery Pack, you can discover the benefits of hemp in a way that is safe, informed, and discreet.

What is the Discovery Pack?

The Discovery Pack is a 7-day experience to discover how hemp interacts with your body. Since everybody responds differently to hemp, the Discovery Pack allows you to find a hemp concentration that feels right for you. With a total of four different strengths over 7 days, you start the daily regimen with 10 mg capsules and increase to an amount that feels right for you. The four strengths include 10 mg, 25mg, 35 mg, and 50 mg, as the maximum daily amount. 

We provide each capsule in discretely labeled packets for daily consumption to make your hemp journey as simple as possible. In addition, we provide a guided pamphlet to answer key questions and help you monitor your experience throughout the week. 

Want to know the best part? Instead of paying $80 or more for a full month’s supply, we provide the Discovery Pack at an affordable cost of $28–– making this the most cost-effective way to try the purest hemp capsule on the market. 

Discovering solutions with you in mind

At the start of Bace Collective, we knew we’d encounter challenges with user experience and felt eager to find solutions. We decided to talk to new and past hemp customers about how they wanted to use hemp.

Over six months, the most significant issue we found is that many people struggle to benefit from hemp safely and effectively. Everyone who reported negative experiences with hemp didn’t know how to use the product, how much to take, or what to expect. 

After learning this, we spent time brainstorming with researchers, medical doctors, plant geneticists, and industry experts that have worked with hemp for a collective total of 50 years. While every professional provided different insights, they all agreed on the mantra of “Start Low, and Go Slow.” So, we’ve taken that advice and put it in a box. 

What should I expect to feel? 

Because everyone’s body is different, it’s important to pay attention to external circumstances that could be affecting how you’re feeling throughout the day. Record your observations in the pamphlet that comes in the Discovery Pack!

Try and take this one week to be in tune with your body and set aside a few minutes everyday to assess your day and how you felt. While everyone’s reaction will vary, here’s what some of our early customers have reported.

“It’s like a warm blanket on my mind.”

“I’m more focused, and my mind chatter slows down”