Meet the Duos

Not all strengths of hemp extract work the same for everyone, so why choose one? The Duos provide you with flexible, full-sized options to tailor your daily hemp experience. 

Cost Savings

Bace Collective is one of the only hemp companies to provide a 50 mg capsule. Why do we do this even when 50mg capsules are more expensive to produce? Because we want you to have a full month’s worth of capsules - if your ideal strength is around 50mg and you take two 25mg every day you’d be finished in fifteen days.

Why choose one, when you can have three? 

Instead of purchasing a full-sized bottle containing one extract strength, Duo Standard provides you with 10 mg and 25 mg capsules. Duo Plus comes with 25mg and 50mg capsules. Where does the third strength come into play? Let us show you:

  • Two 10 mg capsules = 20 mg
  • One 10 mg capsule + one 25 mg capsule = 35 mg
  • Two 25 mg capsules = 50 mg 

Overall, The Duos allows you to experience every hemp extract strength provided by the Discovery Pack without committing to one strength at a time. 

Sustainable Packaging that works for you

Feel good about your everyday choices: The Duos come in pharmaceutical grade glass vials with caps that seal off moisture. 


So go ahead, choose the Duo that’s best for you.