We believe that patients and consumers should have control over what they put in their body. And at Bace, that extends from the way we formulate our capsules, to the way we design our membership plans. 

The Discovery Pack was our first bold step forward in delivering more agency. We accomplished two things: 

    • Made the time consuming, costly, and often frustrating process of finding the right CBD dose easy and convenient. 
    • Created a science-backed method with cannabis-specialist pharmacists and doctors that follows dosing guidelines for CBD and THC
    • Offered a trial product with 11 servings for under $30


    And now with our member program, we're going even further. Our membership subscriptions work harder for you by providing a bundle of value beyond the norm. By subscribing, you automatically sign up for the following benefits: 


      • Save 20% on every order. Over the course of 4 months, that's an average of $55. 
      • Receive your refill capsules every month with reminders when you will be charged
      • Complimentary priority shipping (2-3 day shipping)
      • Pause, Skip a month, set a Custom Delivery Schedule or Cancel any time via text message 


    Your convenience is our priority, and with an average savings of $15 per purchase, faster shipping times, and VIP customer service our membership is a no brainer :) 

    Still feeling us out? Email us your questions at hello@bacehealth.